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    So today I officially became a single parent of 2 children under 2 after leaving my partner of almost 5years. Since becoming pregnant with my first things progressively went downhill with our relationship. I was sacked from my job because during my pregnancy I stopped showing up because I was soo unwell and it didn’t help that I was still within my 6month probation period so I was not entitled to maternity leave/pay. I guess my partner wasn’t too happy soo he started becoming verbally and emotionally abusive. At the time I was living 2hours away from my family soo I stayed with him and hoped things would get better once baby was born. After giving birth things got worse, he did not help me with the baby, he didn’t even bond with her and she would literally cry non stop whenever he held her, it’s only recently in the last few months of my 2nd pregnancy that she started to bond more with him but nothing like a normal daughter and dad relationship. Fast forward it’s been 7weeks since I had my 2nd child and I’ve been struggling with anxiety and mild depression and I have had enough of being miserable and unsupported and feeling like I have a third child because I have to look after him also.
    I have now moved in with my parents hopefully only temporarily until I figure out how to get a house on my own. I have no idea where to start in terms of getting housing, I currently receive Universal credit and have a very poor credit score soo looking for private rented properties that accept DSS has been unsuccessful, I’m wondering wether the council will be able to help (I should add that I haved moved to a different borough, soo I don’t actually meet their criteria for the housing register)

    how can I go about finding somewhere for me and my children to live without having to go the ‘homeless’ route. Of course my parents will not rush me out but it’s a 3bedroom house with 3 adults and 2 small children so long term it’s not appropriate for us at all.
    also I have ZERO savings and I have no furniture at all as it was all my ex’s property so if I do get my own place where will I begin in terms of furnishing the house? Is there a charity that helps with that or ? Also the only reason I would prefer to stay in the same area as my parents is because I’ve been struggling with my mental health and would need that support close by and also for childcare when I eventually find a job and return to work

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    When I had my eldest daughter 13 years ago I was living with my parents. The council housing lists were ridiculously long, but they were able to help me find private rented accommodation. They had a private landlord who would work with them and rent properties out exclusively to people who applied for social housing. Maybe your local council has something similar? I suggest contacting them and they may be able to point you in the right direction

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    Yes, all avenues worth pursuing. However personally I feel it is really worth while to try for social housing. It is so much easier with repairs, smoke alarms, services available, as long as you check out the reputation of the provider first. But private or social you could check out both things.

    Also, there may be a rent deposit scheme in your area, which provides the deposit so that that would be a help.

    There is also round here a charity that delivers furniture, usually in very good nick. And if you do the shabby chic thing it can look really nice.

    there is hope


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    You could do the initial registration online without medical evidence, which may take a while to get.

    They would then put you in a low band e.g. band D. and would probably bump you up if you got evidence saying

    you were an urgent case due to overcrowding, medical condition depression etc.

    I was in band D first of all and then got moved but to B.

    If you register soon you could get familiar with the website and types of properties on offer.

    all best


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