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    I have been divorced from ex husband for two years now and have two children , 11 -8 . We’ve always done things money wise between ourselves rather than csa . I have always had main full care of children and he has paid maintenance for them varying from £150 a month to currently £300 (after persuasion that he is under paying)  he’s now just decided he wants the children 50/50 of the time and wants to not pay anything.
    what are the rules , options here? Can either of us just decide that – what if he says he wants them full time ? Where are the limits and who (mother or father ) can make that final decision?
    financially I depend on the maintenance as I work full time but am single and running a household for the children. It worries me deeply that he can just change things like this.
    in the divorce paper work it says me as main carer , will that still stand?
    many advice on anyone whose been through this would really help. Thanks

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    Also as a foot note- if he stops payment will universal credit top this loss up?

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