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    I have 2 boys who are now 4 and 5 jut before the kids broke up I had the shock of my life a lass that I only like met once at a park (she is 18) she came to my door accusing my kids dad of raping her so I kept telling her to ring the police up but when  she turned up I had a friend on the phone so he came down and he rang the police for her I refused to let her in the house as my kids was off and self isolating at the time (about 2 week before the end of school) but she made a weird comment witch made me feel weird she said to me she only went after my kids dad because she supposedly fell in love with my eldest … but when the police had turned up and then asked if they could go into my house with her so I said no then they wanted to take me down to the station  .. I felt bad by saying  I couldn’t go as my friend is only 17 and I was ment to be self isolating too … but about a few days later I did a statement with the police over the phone and when I explained what had happened and that I felt uncumfortable  I got asked by them if I was the first person that she told and I said I don’t no If I am I can only go on what has happened …. a week after that a social worker rang me up asking what has gone off and that she had just received the reports on her desk and was just ringing me to ask me before she read them . Then we spoke about contact and what the kids dad gets and I was like at the moment just telly phone calls and that the kids don’t really  want to talk  to him when I try put them on and all my eldest  says is why should I talk to him he didn’t get me anything for my birthday or Christmas  .. it puts me in a bad place really because I feel  bad for them there picking up on so much… the social  worker then said stop the calls and see how it goes and if the kids ask for daddy to then pit them back in place but she also said they don’t get put back in place till he pays child maintenance  but then I had to pass her on to my mum because  she does actual (supervised) contact .. I didn’t get a call back regarding  this but my mum phoned me saying kids dad isn’t getting contact  anymore .. but then I got a voice mail of the social worker about her ringing up kids school and telling them that dad could not pick up the boys and is not aloud to leave with them but then when I talk to the school they tell me they can not hold the kids with out an order put in place I don’t no what to do anymore  because it’s so confusing

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    so it seems either your ex will apply to court to sort this out, or you could apply. I find it very strange for the social worker to be giving out child maintenance advice.

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