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    I have a Financial Remedy Order in place whereby I have to pay spousal maintenance for a set period; in excess of 10 years. I’m separately paying child maintenance to provide for my children.

    Ex-wife has moved on, started a new family. I’m interested in revisiting a Financial Remedy Order as I don’t see it as fair that in effect I’m supporting her new family and in essence stepping in to the ‘new partner’s shoes’ and providing financial support that he should be providing.

    Does anyone have any experience (successful or not) of revisiting maintenance under a previous Financial Remedy Order. For the avoidance of doubt, I have no problem paying to support my children – which I do via child maintenance payments –  but I do have an issue with providing spousal maintenance that is supporting new partner and new off spring.

    Any advice please? Thanks



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    You can apply after the order has run for a year I believe but if my memory serves me correctly you have to have had significant change in your circumstances to those when it was ordered.

    Are your financial circumstances significantly different!

    Remember that the amount set will have been evaluated for example against her future potential of loss of income due to having been a housewife/not pursuing her career/supporting yours and that impact won’t necessarily have been negated because she’s in a new relationship. However if she’s remarried it should automatically end.

    I would try to get your head around a misnomer that You’re not supporting her new family per se. You’re simply financially remunerating her for the “services” she provided you during your marriage and as such loss to her future. That way rather than wind yourself up and dwell over the fact she has successfully moved on you are in a better place too.


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