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    My almost ex husband moved out the family home 6 weeks ago.

    I can not manage financially unless I have the child maintenance. I have applied for UC. UC asked for more info on ex’s wages when he was living with us. I approached him about this as he kept all his financial matters private and he has just ignored my request.

    With regard the child maintenance. It was  stated in the solicitors letter that he would start paying on the date he moved out. He also verbally promised he would pay this. (But I am used to empty promises from him so not sure why I am disappointed he has not paid).

    I have asked him several times during the past few weeks. Keeps telling me he will set up a standing order. He has my bank information. He works less than five minute walk from his bank. And has time off during normal banking hours.

    He told me last week he could not be bothered to go into the bank. He knows I need the money to pay for everything. I have enough to cover the bills and small mortgage but we have not got enough money for food or petrol or any extras. Not even any money for clothes for the kids let alone spare money for anything else, and I still have solicitors bills to pay.

    This week my solicitor had to contact him about another issue he created. In it she mentioned he had failed to pay maintenance as promised, no response to this yet.

    When he takes kids out he is showering them with expensive treats and telling them I am poor. This is making them hostile towards me and aggressive. They have mocked me and told me I am a rubbish mother as I am poor.

    How much longer do I give him before I seek help on this matter.  I did ring the child maintenance service when the kids were watching tv last week but didn’t get very far as they interrupted the call, suddenly needing my undivided attention and screaming the place down when I tried to explain to them I was making an important call.  (They have SEN).

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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