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    We generally share days that we have the children but any last minute changes I take the hit meaning the days off work


    The children’s father Currently pays £250 per month for 2 children

    He has them on a Monday and Wednesday and every other Friday, as these are his days who is responsible for child care on these days.


    I currently pay around £100 a week and I get help with the rest off ctc.

    As maintenance is based on over night stays I feel he should also help on his days as he only has them 1 hour and then puts them to bed

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    I pay the school club fees on the days the kids are with me and he has to pay for the days he has them.  I finish work at three and can easily pick them up from school, he doesn’t finish until five so i said there was no way i was paying his childcare and the judge agreed, i don’t claim any childcare costs though because mine are less than £20 a week normally.  If you can get tax credits to cover most of it maybe ask him to make up the difference.

    I am also dropped in it at a moments notice, i’m lucky my work are quite flexible because they know the problems i have with my ex.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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