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    Good morning

    I’m looking for some advice as I feel lost and alone as a single father.

    Earlier this year me and my partner agreed separation would benefit us both we made an agreement in writing which both of us signed in relation to agreeing that would would have 50/50 custody over our son this has been In place since April with no problems and is going well. A month or so ago out of the blue I was served paper for a non mole order and was a hard read to see the lies and decete being told about me I sought legal advice as I had already sought it before this and tried family meditation of which the mother didn’t show up to any way. We went to court and I didn’t contest the order as actually I didn’t want contact with the mother and had tried to put this in to place many times but she wouldn’t the judge ruled the order but made clear that it was being made without true facts of findings. Since this order and court visit I have learned that my ex the mother of our child has changed address and taken me off as a contact of our son at our doctors surgery when I question this the receptionist told me that the mother can do this and there’s nothing I can do about it and that I wouldn’t be able to access my sons medical records can’t make appointments as I don’t have the correct information such as address that it been changed to and I think this is completely unfair nand look for advice about this and hope someone on here has information or been through something similar.

    Any thanks


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    Hi James,

    Child law advice service 0300 330 5480 should be able to help.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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