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    Hello, I am single and have two children.. one is 10yrs and the other has just turned 1yr.

    I work 17.5 hours a week and my mum watches my one year old while my 10yr old is at school. This was working fine up until my mum has been told she needs an operation meaning she can’t watch my 1yr old anymore! I’ve ran out of options and can’t find childcare anywhere I live! Even if I could find someone I can’t afford it. Even if the job centre pain for the 85% I still wouldn’t be able to afford the 15%.

    Im handing in my notice tommrow but I’m so worried about money and if I’ll be eligible for anything. Even if I was how long would it take?

    Im also worried about loosing my house if I can’t pay the rent.

    Please someone tell me it’s going to work out?!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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