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    My husband, who left 6 weeks ago and is already in another relationship (suspect this was happening before he left) anyway, heis demanding access to the house and garage.

    The children (and myself if I’m honest) are struggling with the anxiety that this is causing. He comes to work on his bike in the garage when me and the children are in the house and I feel that I have to vacate the house with the children whenever he wants to do this as it’s very distressing. We are still coming to terms with it all!

    I have provided him with everything he has requested e.g. Clothes, XBox ( yes a 52 year old man wanted his Xbox!) any paperwork relating directly to him etc. These are always provided on the day requested and there really is no need for him to enter the house anymore.

    Anyone got any advice on where I stand on this? Am I within my rights to refuse him access?

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    Presumably the house is in both your names and he’s still paying the mortgage, so he does have right of access. You need to have the conversation about what will happen to the house – you either buy him out or you sell the house and buy your own place with your contribution. He’s not being violent so there’s no reason to stop him on that score. If you can’t resolve this yourselves – i.e. agreeing on certain access times/rules for the sake of the children’s distress – then maybe you need an intermediary, such as a mediator, to help you make arrangements going forward. But he is going to need to see the children anyway, so you need to prepare the ground for that also.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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