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    Hi all

    I am hoping someone can share some information. I currently have a joint mortgage. I have 2 young kids. My ex has decided he will stop paying the mortgage when he moves out and told me I should make arrangements with the lender to transfer everything in my name.

    I have had a conversation with an independent mortgage adviser who has said based on my salary I will not be able to meet the lender’s criteria and will not afford to carry on with the mortgage alone and has advised I contact a family law solicitor.

    Does anybody know if ex’s will be forced to pay half the mortgage if it goes to the solicitor even if they don’t live at the property anymore. We were never married. What other options are there if the mortgage lender refuse?


    many thanks

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    Hello Candy41.

    I would strongly suggest talking to a Solicitor about this.

    I am/was in a similar situation to you. When my ex husband left the house (his choice), he sporadically paid his half of the mortgage for a short while. He then told me he couldn’t afford to pay his half  anymore. The responsibility of this fell on my shoulders and to this day still does. We have come to an agreement that I will pay his share of the mortgage as well as mine each month until the house is sold. When it is sold, my ex husband has to give me his share of the mortgage payments that I have made on his behalf. The date this arrangement started has been set.

    I hope this helps a little.

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    I heard because we have young kids my ex will have to pay half the mortgage until the youngest is 18 years old and then made to sell the house. Not sure if this is true.

    If my ex is going to cancel the direct debit mortgage payments will the lender need my bank details to carry on? Is it even allowed to cancel these payments??


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