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    Soon as My wife found out she was pregnant, she has become estranged and now living with her parents all the time!

    she is now 15 weeks into her pregnancy (we had IVF treatment to conceive)

    She says she will buy a house but is literally stalling on everything, doesnt really want to me

    Weirdly she keeps saying she still wants to be with me but I think shes leading me up the garden path,  shes unable to actually just say lets sort this out or not!


    She hasnt been back since August

    I think she is playing the law game and wants to show that I dont care about the child,

    What should I do from a law front and I do want to be part of the childs life

    I never expected this to happen 🙁  Going through a difficult time at the moment

    Is there specialist advice I can get from somewhere?  I dont earn a fortune

    I wish everyone on here the best of luck in their lives

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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