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    Hi I split from my ex September 2015,

    Decided to try and live together for the kids

    My eldest is 5 and has autism

    My youngest is 3

    I finally found someone to share my life with which in turn meant I left the house.

    My current partner wants me to move to her home in another country, but between then and last year my ex has refused mediation, told me and my family that she will do all she can so no one can see my kids

    Do I go and be happy but try all I can to keep in touch with my kids or do I stay and lose my current relationship to someone I truly love and adore.

    My ex lives 5 doors away and if she sees me she takes the kids indoors.

    Bit of information, my ex harassed and tried to bully my current partner on Facebook creating different account and emails.

    Made a police report

    I know my ex would do anything to keep my kids safe and I trust her with being a great mum because she is, except not allowing anyone to see them.

    Before any court would be in place i would be gone if I choose to go.

    How do I see my kids if this happens.

    Many thanks for reading my post.

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    She refuses to sort anything. And to move to another country is down to I’ll health of her father.

    I have not seen my kids for months.

    At the end of the day I want what’s best for my kids. I don’t want to be in and out of there lives here unhappy because I don’t think children should see that from anyone.

    My kids are first. There happiness there health and the health of the mother. I don’t need things to get so far gone that she focuses on what’s happening with me rather than my kids.

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    I agree with Anonymous. Time for a wake up call, what planet are you on? Sure a relationship is great but are you really going to move to a different country because of it. What would your kids think?

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    A wake up call really.

    I’m here asking for advice on how to see my kids not to be judged.

    I see this is the wrong place. Thanks anyway

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    Apologies. Not meaning to judge. I just personally wouldn’t entertain the idea of living in a different country to my child for a relationship but everyone can make their own choices, totally up to you. It’s your life, sounds like you know what you want to do anyway.

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    It would appear that you need to go to court to settle residence. If you get a court order to say, for example, that the kids will spend 2 nights a week with you … that’ll give you a lot of comfort. But it’ll leave the dilemma of losing your new relationship.

    If, however, you are unable to get a residence order then … it would appear there’s nothing to keep you here. You aren’t seeing the kids anyway and the decision to move abroad would have been made for you.

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