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    My daughter is going to be 12 on Friday, she currently sees her dad every other weekend Friday to Sunday, a every other week Friday overnight.

    During lockdown, we agreed as his wife was isolating that she would remain at home with us.  In total she did not see her dad for 4 months, she then spent 2 weeks with him and his family, which she found incredibly hard.  Since then, she has seen her dad a handful of times, the last weekend she was due at her dads, he went away for the weekend with his wife and she had to spend the weekend with her nan.

    There are lots of things that have happened and she is feeling very let down by her dad.  After the most recent thing that has happened (Far too long to explain), she has said she no longer wants to see her dad.

    I genuinely don’t know what to do, I can’t say I disagree with her, as he does let her down a lot.  She doesn’t feel like part of the family when she goes there and feels he cares about his ‘new’ family more.

    Has anyone been through a similar situation or can offer any advance on the next steps?

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    Is it practical to reduce the time period that she stays for now or perhaps have some one to one time with her dad to create some special bonding time?

    It is a really hard one to navigate.  I have similar situation with my 5 year old, but she only ever  had 1 night per month with her dad (his choice and job related) and no contact for Covid period.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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