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    For various reasons I want to divorce my husband. We jointly own the house and have 1 son who is disnosed autistic. How do I start? What can I do about housing for me and my son? I want to sell the house and have a fresh start but can’t afford anywhere to buy on my own.

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    Hi, i would get an appointment with citizen’s advice bureau. If you have your pay/income/bills info they can help work out how you will financially cope on your own. What you can get help with. I think you are allowed to stay in the family home up to your children leaving school. My husband went to a solicitor and they said the same to him. You can get 1/2 hour free solicitor/family law also just make sure you have questions ready.

    Although you can’t be forced to sell the house you would both have to contribute jointly to the mortgage, unless he is being bought out my a third party. You would then have to be responsible for all bills in the home etc. There are council tax allowances/exemptions.

    If you are or are not working you could apply to Universal Credit for help, this takes several weeks for any financial help to come through if you are eligible.

    If you are selling the house, you will be able to rent and possibly get get with housing. It depends a lot on your individual circumstances which is why C.A.B. is the best place to start.

    I am in the same place so i am passing on what i have been told so far, so i hope it helps. Best wishes for your fresh start.


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    Hello Sara-Jane,

    I guess the first point of call would be your still husband. Might make things a lot easier if you both agree on a common path. Family courts don’t automaticly assign children to their mothers any more. It depends on what is best for the child. And also on their wishes and the family circumstances. I ended up with two boys on my own and that was clearly not what their mother had planned. So you might want to decide what you want for yourself and what is best for the child you have with your husband. As my friend, a solicitor said:” Usualy you have winners and losers. In family courts you have mostly losers and the odd winner”.

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    Not all cases regarding children go to court. You’ll be expected to go down the mediation route first.

    It is common still for the child to remain with mother.

    Re the house and especially as you have a special needs child, you may be able to remain in the house until after the child finishes school. These days courts do not like meschers.

    In any event, you’ll be expected to try mediation before applying to the court for financial remedy.

    If you can keep the cases out of court as the costs are astronomical, mine were.

    I have 2 children on the autistic spectrum so if you’d like to chat please message me.

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    Hi my name is Sarah and i have an Autistic son…here if anyone needs to share issues ….never had any help from his father so i have tried alot of different things.

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