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    Hi all,

    new to this but really after some advice. From anyone who may of been I a similar situation to myself.


    i have spilt form my ex partner now a while back do to unhappyness.

    it was quiet a mural split at the time but quickly turned sour when I deceived to move on.

    We both share custody to our son who is now 3 I have been in a new relationship now for a few months and would like to introduce my son to my new partner and her child who is a similar age.


    i put this point across to my ex and asked if she would like to meet up in a mural environment so we could be introduced thinking this was the best route.


    it was quickly thrown back at me saying the relationship was to fresh which I understood to a degree. I do a lot of commuting back and forth to see my son as and when Iโ€™m allowed access ( when it suits her)

    and overnight stay is becoming a problem as I have to rely on my parents to stop at theres.


    am I within my rights to introduce my child to my new partner and child? And if not what would be the reasoning behind it?


    i have read many forums which people have mixed reviews but am I within my rights would it back fire on me if the matter were to go to court for instance?

    thanks in adavance to any comments

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    Legally, when you have custody or your child – on your days – you can introduce whoever you like. However that obviously isnโ€™t a good idea for children who could end up meeting lots of โ€œpartnersโ€ and being terribly confused and unsettled.

    I waited nine months before introducing my son. The relationship ended after 5 years and I havenโ€™t introduced anyone else since.

    Why not introduce your new girlfriend as just a friend to start with and go for a pizza together, see how they get on etc. Do it gradually, No need to over-night until your child is familiar & relaxed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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