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    I’m a 18 year old first time mom and I’m sad to say that my child father seems to have no interest whatsoever in the baby. I didn’t know he had another child and to be really honest I don’t even think I know who he is . I tried to get him involved but he is not interested and I’m gonna be on my own it’s pretty sad because he always laughs about everything and make me feel stupid when I try to get him involved as if I’m a joke ,I’ve planned meetings we can have to discuss finances and how we are going to do this but he doesn’t want to meet in public and wants me to go to his house which I don’t want to go. i know I’m young but I think that this can happen to anybody whether I was in my late 20s or 30s and whether i was married or not so please don’t judge. i just need some advice because I don’t know what to do I have nobody whatsoever and this is all just very stressful for me I don’t know where to start 😞also universal credit and benefits any idea how that works I’m still in full time education and I’m only going to take a year off to look after my baby then I’m back to finishing up my last year in college.

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    Hi Ace,

    You don’t say why you are uncomfortable going to his house but as with all these things, trust your instincts. You do not need to go anywhere you don’t want to.

    It certainly sounds like you are going to be a single mum. That’s Ok, it’s not impossible.

    Google the govt on-line benefits calculator and work through it. Also there is a brilliant helpline on here. Give them a ring with any specific queries.

    And someone will be along in a bit who knows more than me, to help. Take care. You’ll be fine x


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    Hi Aacecarter

    Firstly nobody on here will be or shouldn’t be judging you. You are right relationships sometimes end this way and for people of all ages. I was just a couple of years older than you when I ended up a similar situation.

    It’s really great that you are in college. You should try to continue with your education. I spent hundreds on a learn-from-home bookkeeping course. But because I was still dealing with my ex and looking after a new baby I couldn’t focus.

    I would say keep the line of communication open between you and your ex. Remember its his job to try to arrange contact, not the other way round.

    I personally do not like Universal Credit as its caused so much problems for people. But I’m sure they have worked on it and you should be able to continue your education while claiming benefits 😀


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    Morning all, Justine here

    Son’t forget you can always call our single parent helpline.  They are a fantastic team and will be able to help you to explore your options.  They can be busy, so expect to wait a while before they get to your call.  Calls are free.

    Hope that helps, Justine


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