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    Me and partner separated a few months ago and he voluntarily left the house. The house is in my name, when we purchased he used his money for the deposit and gifted it to me. He now wants me to give him the money back which I’m not in a position to do. My intention is to remortgage but this will take a few years until I am in a position to do this. He says I have to sell the house, does anyone have experience of this? I have our child the majority of the time, since he left he pays for our child but doesn’t pay the bills anymore. I want to give him the money as soon as I can but legally can he make me sell the house? Thanks

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    Hello, Iv kinda been in your situation.

    If the house is in your name the house is yours.

    If you can’t afford to give him the money back you can’t right now.

    No amount of pressure is going to make it happen quicker and this needs voicing. You will pay it back so he needs to have faith and give you some time ☺.

    Don’t stress, just protect your energy and get healed 😇xx

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    I think that you have to recognise you not paying his money severely disadvantages him to move on and buy etc.

    i would get an agreement. Is he only getting what he contributed or with interest based on equity proportions? If it’s going to take years, maybe calculate that you’ll repay this monthly by not taking maintenance. That will impact on you but not as much as selling; if doing id insist he pays you in to your account monthly maintenance and you then pay back as deposit repayment(you can name payments to cover you both).

    In theory if he’s owed money he could take you to small claims if below a certain amount.

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    He can not make you sell the house if its in your name.

    By all means try to pay him back in installments but it needs recording.

    But even in instalments it’s gonna take time.

    If I was him ☺ I would rent until the lump sum was achievable x

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    Gingerbread Dan

    Hi Katiekel.

    Some really good advice here, just to let you know, you can call our free helpline on 0808 802 0925. Opening times are:

    • Mondays: 10am to 6pm
    • Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays: 10am to 4pm
    • Wednesdays: 10am-1pm and 5pm-7pm

    The helpline is closed on all public holidays.

    Bear in mind that the busiest times of the day tend to be morning, so sometimes calling in the afternoon can help.


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