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    Good evening all

    I’m currently going through a torrid time at present, and could really do with some support from people who may have gone through the same thing.

    I’m a single parent to a wonderful 8 year old daughter. My relationship ended with her mother nearly 2 years ago, and I was stopped from seeing my daughter due to my ex’s very vindictive behaviour.

    I moved back to my mothers property while I tried to look for somewhere to live, however a call from Social Services advised that my daughter was at considerable risk remaining with her mother, so I took over full time care of her while they completed their investigations.

    As I did not know how long this would take, I have to take a significant cut in hours at work to make sure I could look after her, which was a major setback financially, and I’ve had to relay on my mother allowing me to have a roof over our heads for over a year now.

    Now my mother is elderly and is suffering from mobility issues, and is looking to sell her property to move into a bungalow, and it is now time for me and my daughter to have our own place to live. I’ve now been granted a full care order so she will now be staying with me permanently, however with the severe financial impact of cutting my hours, I can barely afford to move to another property while paying full rent, and also have no money to decorate, pay utilities etc etc.

    Can any help be offered by anyone? I am currently receiving working tax credit but the amounts I receive are based on my previous years wage, which goes nowhere near covering what I’m losing from work. Also I have been told I wouldn’t qualify for housing benefit because of the same reason.  I also get absolutely zero help financially from her mother, so I also have to continually buy new clothes etc and I am starting to fall into the financial abyss.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but are you getting all the benefits you’re entitled to?

    I’ve found the benefits calculator useful.

    If mum is working can she pay some maintenance?

    Could you apply for free school meals?

    Good luck


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    I am kinda in the same boat as you my friend.. I presume you get child benefit £20 a week? What about child tax credits? I get £36 a week.. no working tax credits for me.. I have looked at the benefits calxulcaor thingy but just don’t know where to start.. always ends up with.. I am going to be super rich on benefits but doesn’t reflect what I actually receive..

    I have just been given some good news though.. I can not be placed on the housing register.. this has taken me a long time and a massive fight but we almost there now..

    Can you be put on the housing register? If you can.. when you becoming homeless you will get help and apply for housing benefit..


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    Hi there I’m in need of some help.

    I recently got custody of my little girl and currently living with parents,  I’m trying to move out as atm there is 5 people living in a 3 bedroom house. I’m currently Sharing a room with my 9 year old. And my parents finance is taking a massive hit because of us being there as it is a council house.  they are both retired and not able to work as they have cancer and breathing problems and this situation is causing more harm than good. I was wondering if there is any help like grants or anything to help with deposits or first months rent for single parents?  I’m really in a pickle as the council won’t really help me


    Thanks Sam 🙂

    Stay strong x

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