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    Hello thanks for reading.

    I am 30 this year and just left my fiance. Had to leave our rented home to ensure a clean break as he would previously turn up at the house if I tried to split up and stay in family home. Back at my mom’s, in a tiny box room with my 2 yo son. Do not qualify for social housing and only work 2 days a week due to expensive child care. Feel trapped and like I will never be able to afford my own home, renting is too expensive for me, saving for a deposit would take years and atm I could only borrow £50,000 anyway which doesn’t buy much close to family. I feel hopeless and like I have failed my son. What can I do? I appreciate my families support but am suffocating in this room.

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    Are you in the UK?  Will your son qualify for 30 hours free childcare next year?

    Go on the govt web site and find out what benefits you can claim in terms of free childcare and also tax relief on childcare. And when.

    Then look at your skills. What extra qualification could you get that would increase your earnings potential? You could use this time at home to do another college course. Most colleges have crèches and if you have a very low income, you would probably qualify. And it would get you out more, which might help.

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    If you working and claim or apply for Emergency housing or social housing could be very complicated sometimes stressful, the best options is to claim child tax and benefits and you claim benefits and letter from your parents for eviction to apply for social housing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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