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    Hi everyone. I’m so happy to join this website. I’m a single mother to a toddler and have been since leaving my abusive ex boyf. We live with my parents and brothers but will be moving out to our own house after waiting on the council housing list for a year. I’m really grateful and also nervous by the fact that I’ll be living alone with my baby.


    I would appreciate any advice about keeping our house secure and also about managing bills seeing as I’m on UC. I’ve never done this before and as a young new mother I’m hoping I can be everything that my baby needs.

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    You can go online,if you just Google Bill Managers there are company’s who will ensure you are on most economical tariffs for utilities etc.You just tell them your circumstances and approximate usage & they will switch you to different companies as and when the need arises to save you money.It’s worth shopping around as some charge for their service whilst others are free as they get a commission from the providers,or sonmething.Besides for that you can be a wonderful mother to your 2 year old,I hope everything goes well for you!!

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    I was/am in your situation but I had a part time job when my son was two. Its difficult because of lockdown, so things you could have done that are interesting, free and local are now out of bounds.

    Perhaps you could consider getting a ring doorbell (or something similar) for security? I have an iron gate for safety.

    Feel free to message me for advice/my experiences!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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