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    in a nutshell, my son is 18 months old so he so far has had one birthday and one Christmas. These occasions he lived with me and his dad saw him on both the days for a good few hours.


    we go to court in a week for a child arrangements order and I’m worried about what will be decided.


    if my son starts to go to stay with his dad every other weekend (200 miles away so doesn’t stay with him atm, dad visits where we live) the pattern of weekends includes December 26th and December 27th this year (sons 2nd Christmas) and technically this Christmas would be dad’s turn.

    if all this does happen it means my son and I don’t see each other on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the day after. Is this common/normal practice or will a judge take into account that it’s fair that a child should see both parents? On special occasions?


    i feel it slightly unfair that We could possibly not see each other for the 3 special days of Christmas.

    to add, I work in retail so the only day I have off is xmas day. His dad has every weekend off and all public holidays. Would it be fair in this instance to suggest that Christmas Day is shared in the sense that our son has xmas eve and xmas morning with me then goes to his dad’s in the afternoon?


    I just need advice. Distance makes this so difficult. My heart breaks thinking that our son will miss out seeing each parent each year potentially and that we as parents will miss out.

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    We take it in turns for Christmas.  One year I get Christmas Eve until 4pm Christmas day then the next I get 4pm christmas day and boxing day.  This is regardless of who’s days it falls on.  That way we both get a bit of Christmas Day, what you’re suggesting is pretty similar to what we do.

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    Thats a good plan. I hope the court will be in favour of something like that! I just worry that one year one of us will miss out and so will our son

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