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    My children spent Saturday with me and my family at the beach. Suncream was used throughout but as they were in and out of the water they skin was red.. The children’s father went mad telling me that Im a unfit mum and my daughter was sick at the night. But when I asked to see her the next day when dropping stuff off they forgot I was told no. I could not see her. Then this morning I was told, my daughter had hurt her foot whilst at the beach and she didn’t say anything to me. Nor did I see anything when I got her dressed at the beach. But the father says… She told me she hurt herself at the beach.. She is 3 and sometimes makes stuff up.. Like kids do.  So he didn’t tell me about this till this morning… So I’m thinking why didn’t he take her for medical advice.?  He hasn’t stop emailing me saying how bad I am… He hates me and is trying to take the kids off me. Doesn’t he see the pain he is causing the kids..  The police are aware of all his messages but they are all about the kids and how a bad mum I am… I am. Not a bad mum.. He has stopped children maintenance money again.. So how is that being a good dad.. I am unsure what to do next.

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    does not sound like much can be done. petty arguments and complaints.  i have received a sun cream complaint in the past 🙂 would advise to just focus on the children and ignore him

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