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    My name Jennifer I’m single parent to 4 month old lil boy . The dad left druing pregnancy I lived London all my life before I had my son but moved to isle white I dont know no one my sister lives there but she has 2 kids and battles with her own issues. I’m filling ashamed in my self my beautiful lil boy love him so much but find my self getting fusstred wen he crys and angry I really love him and I never in my hart before having kid I would fill this way I’m stressd scared for me my son futer I’m filling trapped and alone all the time I suffer with anxiety I find it hard going out alone with him to shops just the normal things I avoid it if I can . Iv come back to London for 2 months to see mum .but I go back this month and have worries ov filling thos things me truly being alone with my son I would never hert him I just dont like the filling I get I cry after and fill conplety worthless for eveing filling thos filling to my baby. How do I go about speaking sumone I’m scared because I dont wont to get juge

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    Hey,,no body has a right to judge you!

    Anybody who has been in your situation will know how it feels but anybody who hasnt,and judges you, well….You shouldn’t be taking any notice.The job you are doing is incredibly difficult when you are alone and in a strange pksce.Ten times worse now with covid restrictions,everyone seems to be feeling a bit down generally which doesn’t help.What would help you the most is company.If you could find someone to talk you that really helps! I know what you mean when you say you avoid going to the shops etc but really things like that are the best things at the mo.Please don’t feel worthless.You are the most important person to your child!!! We all cry and feel horrible and think we are doing a rotten job sometimes but that’s only bc no one thanks us or pays us!!! Just take 1 hour at a time & you can always come back on here,you’re Not alone,even if it feels like a hard,unfriendly world and the sky is grey sonetimes🙂 your baby will get bigger b4 I know it and things could get a lot better for you.Sending u hugs,💝

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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