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    hi hope you can help, I’m new here. I am a single mum to two girls aged 6 and husband walked out when my youngest was 6 months old , met someone else has gone on to have two more children. We are now divorced and he moved about 50 miles away. At the moment he has them every other weekend , he is supposed to have them one night in the week but never got them to school in time so he just cones down and takes them for tea. Except most weeks there is an excuse and he either doesn’t come or changes it to another night. He hasn’t paid maintenance for 5 months , every time I ask him for it he says he will go for 50/50 custody . Would be get very far? He can barely do the arrangements we gave just, both children are settled in local schools , one due to start secondary school in September with friends , clubs etc . Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I think your ex is bluffing, in order to avoid paying maintenence. He doesn’t want 50:50 care. He can’t manage one evening reliably. How would he cope with driving 100 mile round trip 10 days a month to do school run. He wouldn’t. And his partner has her own school run to do.

    It’s appalling that he’s contributing nothing to his children’s upkeep.

    Only you know whether you need the income or not. That’s a personal decision but if you do, I’d put in a CMs claim.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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