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    I understand this is a long shot but I want some information on how contact after adoption would work. I’ve looked on all the relevant sites but I’ve found no real definitive answer.

    I have 2 nieces aged 16 and 13 they were taken into care and adopted about 10 years ago, and thankfully they were kept together. We have had annual letter contact but that stopped some years ago and we receive no information about them and their development. It’s coming to a point now where they may be thinking about direct contact. I’m wondering how that may work? Whether contact can be sought at 16 or 18? And whether there’s anything I can do to help the process?

    My daughter is 5 and she’s aware of her cousins even though she doesn’t fully understand why we don’t know where they are or why we can’t see them. We celebrate on their birthdays which are always emotional days. I can’t wait to be with them again and to tell them that I never gave up on them.

    Any help would be most greatly be appreciated

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    Hi with adoption the new parents can decide if they want yo make contact or not. But also depends on what was written in the adoption paperwork. You as a distant relative have no rights at all. The birth parents can ask the adoption team regarding the contact letters and if it’s possible to make actual contact. But there is nothing stopping you from trying.  They may make contact with the adoption family letting them know that a family member is asking after them. However the 2 girls my not want to make contact with you for reasons of their own.

    At 18 you are classed as an adult and the girls once reaching this age may want or not to make contact. You may find that they wait until both are 18 or above as there is 3 years between them. But be prepared that they may not want to make contact.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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