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    hi everyone I am new here. I am feeling very low and upset by the courts and especially let down by cafcass.


    If a judge ruled dad can have access in the local community because his house share is not suitable for the children. Would you think this includes family houses/flats as I understood it it be bowlin cinema parks library etc.


    thank you in advance xx

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    Hi Rachels

    I can’t imagine the courts would specify what activities dad must do with his child(ren) and if they indicate it should take place within the local community then that may entail visits to paternal family so long as they are within the locality. So long as there are no safeguarding reasons why that shouldn’t happen?

    I know it’s difficult when you’re going through it as the protective mode kicks in, though children have a place in both maternal and paternal families. You might have different ideas re parenting but so long as the child returns on time fed, watered and happy then it’s all good. I’m guessing this isn’t overnight contact with you thinking it would be park/library/cinema etc

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    I take that to mean local public venues, the houses of his immediate family or friends, ie anywhere that is a safe environment for a small child.

    Is there a venue that worries you? Can you raise that concern with your ex, see  if he will work with you, or if it becomes a problem, go back to court to exclude specific locations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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