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    we have two kids, 2 and 6 months. I want my ex to have regular access to the kids and am regularly asking him when he wants them. I’ve stopped getting upset when he puts his friends and even haircuts etc before seeing them. It’s his loss.

    he does however want to have our 2 year old overnight. Which I was fine about but just said he needed to get him a bed etc and actually be ready to have him. But my solicitor said the boys shouldn’t really be separated overnight. My 6 month cant go overnight as he’s breastfed, feeds regularly and won’t take a bottle (even though I’ve tried). At the moment when he does have both boys for the day I go over and feed the baby so he can have them both longer.

    i was happy for the 2 year old to go without the 6 month old. But recently the 2 yr old hasn’t liked not being with his brother and calls out for him whilst looking for him. So now I’m thinking the solicitor is probably right and they shouldn’t be separated overnight.

    does anyone else have experience with a similar situation? I don’t want to stop my ex from having them- I fact I want the opposite but I don’t want to affect my boys



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