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    Hi i am going to be separated from my partner shortly and my boys will be with me mist of the time.


    We are deciding on access and I just wondered what most people do???


    Any ideas on this please wouldbe appreciated.



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    If you are both semi amicable …after trying msny different rotas my ex and I found alternating weekends and if possible splitting rest of the week  2 or 3 days midweek each works well but if course it depends on yiur circumstances.  The key is to keep it consistant though and never have “something come up” when it’s your turn …thats simply not fair on kids abd I know people in the situation where the one partner does that constantly and it really does have a lasting effect and sends a clear message to yhe kids that theur parent places something before them.  Don’t be that person.

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    My ex sees our son, one day a weekend at my house, and son goes to stay with him for a few days over each school holiday.

    Ex doesn’t want to do more and I can live with that arrangement.

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