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    Hi today is a bad day.

    My husband left me in may to go and live on a boat. He has always been very secretive. Password locked on all devices, only making phone calls when I m in another room, never eating with us or even washing his clothes in our house. I ve always worked long hours and just accepted we were like ships passing . When I reduced my hours to try to make our marriage work he started going out more.  I was so desperate to make things work but he didn’t want to talk.

    We have a 7 year old daughter and I have 4 children from previous relationship.

    He’s excellent with our daughter but only likes having her on her own.

    When he left he gave no explanation although I was pulling my hair out.

    I took my children on a road trip around Britain and took flying lessons convincing myself I was ok. He just needed a bit of space.

    Then we moved home. I thought foolishly that this would take some pressure off him and he would talk,  pop around.

    He sees our daughter regularly.

    Christmas I invited him around and he came for dinner but sat in other room with my daughter. He watched her open her presents and then went after 5 mins. Since then any messages I send him to check how he is especially in this bad weather on his boat he ignores.

    I m convinced he’s seeing somebody else although he’s not saying. I just feel so guilty to my children. Complete failure as a mum.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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