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    Don’t know where to start… I live with my partner and our 7 months baby girl. I’m also pregnant at the moment. I was happy with my partner but something has happened since our daughter was born. He became a different person started to fight alot for any reason and was very rude and cold towards me. Told me he needs strong and independent woman (our daughter was only 4 weeks old) when I was so tired and asked him to look after little one for one night because I’m bleeding from my nose he said ,, you are bleeding because you sit on the sofa for all day picking your nose,, same night he woke me up at 3am and told me to change baby nappy because he will be sick. He also told me to leave the house told me that he hates me he don’t love me he don’t like me and I have to make it in my mind. His sister txt me and said to leave her brother alone to go to my family when I said my family is here she said I’m a cheeky bi***. When I asked him what happen to you he just shouted to my face that I happened and I have to fu** off. Acussed me alot of times for cheating with my friends in effect of that I don’t talk to anybody because he will accuse again. Said our baby is not his daughter and he wants DNA test. I told him to do that I have nothing to hide and never ever cheated. He come from work in the middle of his shift and shouted at me because I have added somebody to my friend list on Facebook and again ,,I hate you how could you do that etc,,. I finally left I went to my friend thent went to my mum with 8 weeks old baby to my country. 4 weeks later he came to bring us back promised to never do this again. I trusted and gave him another chance but everything is the same again. Last Friday we had a fight again. I told him that I don’t like when he is constantly watching the other ladies everytime we go out, that I feel ashamed to go out with him. He started to hitting his head told me that I’m mental I left the house asked my sister to look after little one I have to go for walk. He was looking for me in his car and then called me a bi** and who**  using his klaxons and some people was outside of the house heard and watching that. He told me to never come back home. then when I came back he went upstairs woke up my daughter made her cry when I went there I told him to let me try to put her back to sleep but he didn’t want to. He started to fight front of the baby he said ,,I just recorded everything now I’m calling police,, he called said that I’m abusive violent and I’m drunk. It wasn’t true I’m not drinking at all and I’m also pregnant. I think he just wanted to put me on police records. I can’t have my own money because he always find some hole that I have to pay. I was on the maternity leave had only £600 a month and paid for shopping, baby food nappies baby clothes and anything she needs ,council tax and have nothing left for myself in the end of the day. He pay rent electric gas and water. Told me that I put him on debts and everytime reminds me that I live in the house that he pays for and using hot water because he pay my bills. I feel helpless he also lie alot and let me down all the time. Don’t know what to do where to go my parents are not even talking to me because he told me to ask my dad for money all the time and my dad cut me off. My mum is just tired of my situation and left me on the side she don’t want to be a part of it. I have nothing and nobody except my little girl and the other one on the way that I have to look after and protect. I feel worthless and humiliated front of my baby my family and my friends. I didn’t know him for long before I got pregnant. I spoke to his ex wife and she said as soon as they married he also became a different person and she couldn’t be herself anymore and he was fighting alot. I would leave him now if I would have opportunity but I have no money nobody that could help me or any place where I could stay for sometime with my baby. Please if you experienced something like me and you found a solution for your problem let me know how. Things I said in this post are not even a little bit of what happens in my life.thank you

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    Hi Olka

    I’m Justine the moderator.  I’m going to be sending you a private message with some signposting options.

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