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    I recently divorced my emotionally abusive husband for perversion, adultery, marrying me for a visa and drug abuse. My parents are abroad and my dad is sick 😭 our kids live with me and my ex had supervised visits until they were stopped altogether due to inappropriate sexual behaviour towards my daughter. I want to travel with the kids for about 3 months to see my parents but because his visa is due to be renewed in 2 months on basis of the kids he wont sign permission. So worried my dad could pass on and I  would never get to see him again. My mum is elderly and really needs my help. Pls any advise would be really helpful? Is Going to court the only way? What options do i have? Any loopholes in the law? Are there any exceptional circumstances?

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    if he won’t give written permission then I think your only option is to seek permission from the court. problem is court process can easily take months to complete. if you get a child arrangements order from court that states that kids live with you, then you can take them abroad for a month without permission from other parent, unless the court order states otherwise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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