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    Hey there,

    I keep on wanting to answer everyone’s post, I feel so bad for all of you, but I guess I should write one as well.

    So the topic is “absolutely alone” and that’s my situation, and well I don’t seem to find anyone that has been through the same to see what I could do.

    I am originally French, moved from place to place all my life and never had much family other than my parents. Things have been complicated with my siblings because of our unstable, controlling and suicidal mother. She got everyone on her side and I was left to the side with my dad. My dad was the most cherished person in my life as we were so similar and loved the same things (Nature, art, tranquility) and well unfortunately whilst i’ve gone to travel he passed away, actually got murdered, very unexpected and the investigation is still on after 3 years.

    So the person that i loved the most disappeared… I eventually met my partner, desperate to have someone in my life, i was blinded by love and couldn’t understand how wrong was the situation, mental abuse wasn’t easy to realise. We were in a very bad place back in Gibraltar so we moved to the Uk to my partner’s family home in order to have a true family all together with our sudden baby on the way.

    My baby love is the best thing that happened to us, we’ve had it sweet for a while whilst our boy was very small, but the illegal activity of my partner kept on going and if i said it was wrong he would convince me is not to keep on doing it, this would be taking drugs, alcohol, graffitis, and the consequences that comes with these such as police looking for him every time he got in trouble, his mood would be changed from the drugs and he’ll do outrageous things.

    I’ve spoke to his family so many times but they didn’t seem to take it too seriously, so eventually i’ve kicked him out with the help of the police, and I am suddenly very alone with my one year old. It’s been very hard to trust the people that are on his side, they try to be nice and be there for my lil boy, but really they don’t believe that my ex abused me mentally. He got to convince them that i had mental health issues because of my past story, readers, believe me i’ve been strong.

    I’ve spoke to some distant family from Gibraltar and they do tell me to go back there, I have obvious reasons to not to. I don’t have friends, relatives. I’ve spoke to some people that could be close to a friend and said i should go away from the situation with my boy, I could move to a different place in the uk with the benefits. What’s the best really, build a new life in a lovely place where I can raise my boy on my own and eventually meet people if I’m lucky, Or, stay with a family I am not so comfortable with but that my boy could relate to… with the risk of not be able to prove a situation going wrong because i’m on my own and I am not their blood.

    This is so hard I wish i could talk to my dad but he isn’t there, so well that’s why i’m writing here, I don’t have no one to talk to and I need any form of help.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Hi Lisa, I’m the same, this is first post I’ve written. I was lucky to have good couple of friends to turn to for a chat, advice and vent. If you would like my e-mail address to chat this is not a problem 👍

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    Hi Lisa,


    I read your story and it is a really hard situation you are in. I completely understand that you feel alone with your small little baby. One great and very positive part is your little baby.

    I was a single mum myself. When we came to the UK, my children were older. My son was 14 and my daughter was 12. I came here and couldn’t speak English and broke up with my husband.  I had no family here or friends.

    I eventually rebuild my life slowly. I started to work as a cashier for the Local Authority, progress to the housing assistant. Eventually, I joined the Police Force and worked as a Police Officer which was my dream. It was a hard journey Lisa, but I tried ti rebuild my life for children.

    I absolutely feel for you and your situation. I am older but we can still be friends. If anything you can chat with me here, or I can give you my Watsup number.

    Lisa please remembers it is just one small step every day. You will make it. Listen, there are always nice people who can help.


    I look forward to hear from you Lisa

    Take care,





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    Hey everyone,

    Thank you for your replies,

    I have unfortunately just suffered from a scam as from this exact post I’ve written yesterday.

    This is very embarrassing but I must let everyone know before this happens again.

    A woman replied with a very big message saying that she’s dying and she’ve chose me to be her next of kin to give money  to charities.

    I have stupidly given some of my personal details such as my email, full name, date of birth until I’ve researched on internet the same name and appeared to have happened to various people in the past, a year ago.

    This is so heart broken, I thought a miracle has happened, I thought no one would be that much of a monster to pick someone from a single parent forum.

    So, I guess I’m done with internet, I thought this could be good and the same day I got scammed, I really don’t know who is saying the truth or not.


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    Hi Lisa and everyone else ,


    I didn’t know about this website I was thinking is just me feeling alone with no friends around ,we can organise a meeting in the park with our children, then we can hear each other’s stories, please ladies let me know if will be okay for you ?

    for me is sad to be alone but the one is suffering is my boy he is desperate to be around people i think is missing he’s dad or the love that he’s dad can offer him because he only 17 months is hard for me to see him crying and running after people

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    Hi Lisa ,


    about the scam you need to call the police and they will give you a link where you need to complete the details

    it happened to me last month I was looking for a job

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