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    My DD’s father has requested contact after 1 1/2 yrs with not seeing her she is 2 yrs.

    My main points i want to discuss whith him are around sharing responsibilites. The last phone  contact we had a year ago he said he can not do much as he is busy with work and studying and can afford to pay anything and never has.

    Im pleased he wants to start contact but i am assuming it will be little and when it suits him.

    I want to get my point across that i work , i go to university and im a single parent with little to no support and have to pay for babysitters if i want to go out. The first ever fathers day i asked him if he was going to see her and he said hes got a birthday party to attend. Which i understand but an hour would have been sufficient to see her and says things like the day is just a day made to make people spend money. When she was 6 months we tried to arrange contact but he would cancel the day before other reasons so i gave up asking in the end.


    It’s these type of things i want to say need to be sacrafised sometimes. As i do on a daily basis.

    As single parents we all know the sacrafises such as buying things  your children constantly growing out of shoes and clothes and not being able to buy things for yourself. Not being able to go out because you cant afford a babsiter and rushing from work and uni to collect and take DD to nursery.


    From my perspective now he wants to see her once a week in a park which is good for her to meet her father however helps in no other way.

    And means the little free time i have will be spent with them as she.is attached to mummy at the moment and wouldnt stay with someone she doesnt know with me bring close by or seen from a distance.

    I want to keep things positive but theres things i need to say which he doesnt want to do.

    Was also wondering if anyone else has had this , or if anyone has ideas of any questions i should ask.


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