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    I don’t know if anyone can give me some advice. I’m feeling really anxious as my 8 year son is in histerics as his dad is finally coming down to see him. He basically has not seen his dad since Father’s Day 2019. He calls him every 3 weeks or so and literally speaks for a few minutes. He does not support him financially.

    i have never stopped his father from seeing him and the financial side is not what upsets me. It’s about the total lack of emotional support/physical support.

    his dad is a very strong character – I have basically text him that I feel I should be there as our son is/anxious and upset understandably because of the absence of him.

    what rights do I have? How do I handle it? I want so much for them to have a relationship but he is a very strict character and can be very righteous and totally misses the point.


    its about Doing right by my son. His dad has probably only had his son for 40 nights max in his whole life. My son is sensitive and loving and it’s a real tough situation as his father is the opposite.

    Waiting for a reply from his father which I’m praying will not be abrupt. My son is begging not to see him. Despite me thinking his dad is a total waste of time and totally selfish-I know he loves his son despite him lacking in absolutely every possibly area of being a dad.

    any advice how to handle this.

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