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    afer recently moving to a new social housing property, when lockdown eased a neighbour started to make herself available for friendship. that friendship soon broke down because unknown to me, she had substance issues which she announced after verbally assaulting me infront of my child.  She then set her friend onto me who is associated with some nasty people, and the friend tried to get me stabbed.


    luckily for me and  my marine bootcamp experience i clocked the play and then told the police what was happening, she was following on the school run, with her nasty enterage.  the police pulled her up a couple of times and threw the book at her. there is a crime refernce.


    whilst this was going on, my daughter became ill, and had to go into hospital. she has neurological disorder, triggered by covid which affects her mobility. she will get better, but they dont know when.


    so now the friend of the neighbour has been targeting my phone which she hacked, so she could get into my bank account, because she is aware that i am due to get a payment from the government re my daugthers disability. they have already tried to take money out of my bank and when i go to the shop, she sends people to follow me to try and scan my debit card, to get the details to access my account.  This has been also reported to Action Fraud and my bank have taken steps to protect my account.

    but its not enough.  i need help to move safely and securely.  i may have to put my stuff in storage and then go it alone with my daughter and 2 cats and start again.

    im trying to find a single parent who may want to house share with me in the bristol area.  i dont like relying on the system, but i thought i would have got some help this time considering the severity of the situation, but no.  the last time i was followed was last night when i went to the shop. shes determined to get my money, that is for my child.  London is a horrible place.  the police cant do anymore without evidence, i have no idea whats happening with the attempted withdrawel, thats with the cyber police atc and would not involve me as stated in their email about what they would do.  \im not a business nor do i have millions in the bank. so my case is more informative, as stated in their email to me.  the harrassmnet is driving me crazy, i have no privacy and im not safe, but there is no one who can help us to leave this place.  my daughters situation, doesnt qualify for an immediate move, it would be on a B1 and could take up to a year, plus the areas they have their housing in, is no where, where i want to live.


    I need to protect my child and get out of this city and live a decent life, but some people in this world just wont allow you too.

    When this all began and she was intent  on stabbing me, i did call refuges to take us, but they wouldnt assist becasue it doesnt class as domestic violence, so i am stuck living like this being watched 24/7.

    my family is either too old or not living in the uk anymore, so we are doing this solo.

    my landlord does not have properties in any areas that im interested in

    If i move to bristol then i can continue to persue working with BT. I actually got a job with BT 3 months after moving here, in 2021 but they moved the position to bristol. but i couldnt leave the property becasueit wras a new tenancy.

    i have chosen bristol not only because of the job prospects but because we are mixed raced, its the place we need to be.

    im already an electrician by trade and a qualified hosptial porter, but i wanted a change in trade, with options of working remotely, after losing over 50k during lockdown.

    if anyone has any advise as to where to go from here, anything, i need to leave and soon. my daughter needs to be in the fresh air so she can convalesce and retrain her brain to help her walk again and i need to be in a less congested evil environment.

    im about to give it all up and just start again.. i cant even find a decent removal company and im concerned that this horrible person is going to follow me when i do move.  when i spoke to the police about getting an injunctionl they said that i would have to do that on my own, and that it would be advisable to no to ‘kick the Wasps nest’, becasue even though they know who this person is attached to, there is no hard eveidence of their intent with me.

    They have just let this person know that they cant attempt to hurt me, anymore.  i have crime reference numbers.


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    must be very difficult time for you. if the mother has a strong bond with child, then it is likely she will carry on following you, wherever your staying. putting your stuff into storage temporarily sounds like a good idea. then from there you could have it all delivered to new address. have you tried delivery sites like anyvan.com


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