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    Hi all, I’m now 27 weeks pregnant. Alone. I have a one bed flat & a mortgage that I pay 200 a month for. And also a service charge on top of that,  I know it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things and some people’s mortgages are huge but I’m so worried about money. I currently work full time, earning 1245 a month I am so scared I’m going to end up homeless.  What can I claim once I’m on maternity leave? Do I ring my mortgage provider and go to an interest only mortgage??
    When do I have to think about going back to work and is it better to go back for only 16 hours?? and do you get help with child care. I’m so scared in general I have always been so good with money and I’ve never been in debt. From a terrified desperate mother to be, please help. And thank you
    preston Lancashire

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    You will be fine dont worry!

    Think about the changes you can make how you can save money..can you apply for child maintance? You might be able ti get a top up on your earninga as a single parent…You seem to be in quite good situation to be honest..

    Whatever hapoands you will be ok.You ve got a job so thats good…

    I am homeless at the moment after leaving abusive partner.I stay in temp accomadation with my daughter.My ex partnee stayed in our house even after social services told him to go…now i m waiting for council house and i dont know how long i will have to wait…you will figure it out trust me:) goos luck

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    Hi QuinzyB

    I’m Michelle one of the Moderators here.  There’s plenty of information within the site that may answer some of the questions you have.  I’ll add a few links here, but have a bit of a browse as there are probably other pages that might be helpful.

    Benefits, tax credits and universal credit | Gingerbread

    Working | Gingerbread

    Housing | Gingerbread

    Maternity, paternity and adoption | Gingerbread

    Childcare | Gingerbread

    I hope that give you a start

    Kind regards




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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