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    I hope someone can give me some direction on how to get help right after I give birth. We’re in the middle of separation and are in the process of moving to our separate accommodation before the baby comes as our tenancy expires just before my due date. I’m mostly worried how I’ll cope living alone with my first baby. I don’t have any close friends I can rely on, or family. So I just feel terrified of how I’ll be able to look after the baby, especially in the first few weeks while I’m also still recovering. My (ex)partner said he would help, but I’m not too sure how if he’s not there, and we both agreed that little one will be breastfed only, so it’s not like we can swap days or something similar. I’m just so overwhelmed with everything, and I feel that something that was supposed to be the happiest time of my life is turning in to a nightmare. We argue all the time and it’s affecting me and little one and I don’t want it to continue after we start living apart.  Any idea who to turn to, or maybe things won’t be so bad and I’ll be ok too be on my own and I’m just panicking for no valid reason?

    Thanks for reading and any advice or direction!

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    Have you spoken to the medical team about this? One of them might have some great advice about post natal support.

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    i really feel for you and your situation! I’m 37 weeks too and single – but by choice!!  but I think you could try and focus on being positive for your baby … I have friends who were in relationships and the dad was causing them stress – now that they are single they just enjoy being with their kids and can devote time/attention to them instead of arguing with the dad…

    where are you based?

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    Aw I feel for you but honestly if your alone with your new baby youl be absolutely fine and a great new mum. Itl seem very daunting as your emotions will be all over the place but once the baby is there everything  will come natrul to motherhood i wouldn’t worry too much I was exactly the same the way you feel with my first child but it’s like you know exactly what to do when they arrive i have 7 children now but no more definitely not haha I would love to give any advice on new baby worries etc

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    After birth, the midwife will make regular visits to your home and give you advice and details of the local family planning clinics. There will be local breastfeeding support groups close to where you live. You could also visit the health visitors weekly and the team will regularly track your baby’s development and also talk to you about your needs and how you are feeling.

    If you can, it may be worth visiting a local baby centre or support group before the baby arrives. Your local GP will have the details. Use twitter or facebook to find out what is happening locally.

    I found Parent Line Plus very useful


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