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    I am a single mother to my 10 year old daughter, her father passed away 5 years ago.

    I met someone new 9 months ago (first person I’ve introduced my daughter to) let’s put it this way – he promised me the whole family life, said he would take my daughter on as his own, wants a child with me etc but he has turned out to be a complete narcissist.

    Now I’ve come to the realisation that he only said these things to boost his own ego or give him a sense of importance. I didn’t even want any more kids right now, he was the one pestering me & I was weak to his words.

    Anyway, he persuaded me to have my coil removed and now I am 8 weeks pregnant. He has since admitted he was manipulating me & that he doesn’t want the child or anything to do with me. (This is only because I found out that he IS in fact still in an intimate relationship with the mother of his 2 children and I have spoken with her).

    The situation is extremely messy but I am now really struggling to come to terms with the fact it would probably be in everyone’s interest to have a termination.

    I had a recent diagnosis of cervical cancer stage 1a1 which was luckily all removed in August. They told me due to the treatment involved I am more at risk of miscarriage and/or pre term labour which is a reason why I don’t want to abort this child.

    I am also so torn because having the heartache of seeing my daughter fatherless is something I would never wish on anyone & I would be putting another child through that if I decided to keep it as he wants no involvement.

    I just really don’t know what to do 😭


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    I’m so sorry to hear that you have been involved with a someone who has manipulate d both you and your daughter.

    I had a lucky escape 3 years ago and fortunately my daughter never met him. So I have learnt my lesson the hard way !!

    No one can tell you what to do ,but what I wil l say and I wish you no harm is that you will not be completely free  of this man.you have had a cancer scare so you would have been worried for your child  and he will continue to manipulate your lives when your child arrives. He manipulated you to remove the coil so he sounds like he is not going anywhere. You sound like you want closure and your child is growing up and needs a role model . Do not let this person define you and go with your gut feeling .best wishes for the holiday s

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    Forgot to say that you will have a beautiful child too!

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