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    I’m having my second child with a new partner. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and due to have a section due to complications in around 10 weeks.

    The father of the child has two other children who he doesn’t currently see due to the mother of the children stopping any contact. He asked to have a family with me and after he realised that my baby wouldn’t be accepted by his kids/his X he’s done everything in his power to destroy any thing we had. I’ve chased him around to try and fix it. He’s told me i was a mistake that the whole thing was stupid and should never have happened. For my own sanity I have to say enough is enough.

    I have one daughter who’s 6 to a different partner and I do really worry how I’m going to get on after the section, emotionally, financially etc.

    I’ve told him if he wants to see the baby he can do. He doesn’t seem interested really.

    any advice would help 🙏

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    Hi @Brettina35, Thanks for posting, I’ve moved your post up so others see it. Best wishes.

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    I’m so sorry to hear your babies father is treating you like this. You do not deserve this!

    I was in a similar situation last year and had a C-section at 35 weeks.

    You’ve said to your babies father that he can see baby if he wants to. . . leave the ball in his court, he knows where you are so I would leave him be for now. No more chasing. I hope he eventually shows you some sort of support in time. Do you have family and friends who can support you? I really hope so. You will need help after your C-section. The recovery is quite long! For now, focus on staying healthy and growing a lovely little baby. I understand just how stressful your situation is. You must feel hurt, scared and confused. Things will work themselves. . . Just please focus on you. There is lots of support out there – I highly recommend making sure a health visitor can visit you after baby has been born. They will be of great support to you. X

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    Hey i do hope your okay..

    I could of written this. Its brave of you to do so. My narsassist ex, with 2 older babies rarly seen them blamed the mother..  manipulated me into planning a baby.. something clicked when i was pregnant i could see through him i ended things.. he moved on.. picked and choose when he would ask about my pregnancy lead me to believe he would have full involvment.. 2 months old my daughter was he had seen her a hand full of times down to me going down to his parents house with a new born. He stressed me out for the whole 2 months. By 3 months old he had basically cut contact.. ive contacted once. I wish i didnt my baby deserves better than someone who dont care. Ino he might pop up back in her life one day and i wont stop him but consistency and stability meant more to me my baby needed a happy home and a happy mum.. i left the relationship pregnant because i knew it would be best for my unborn. I had to do what was right bu her when she was here. 2 and a half years on now.. its been hard. But rewarding. Ive come along way from back when he was involved. Its a struggle but you do it for your baby!

    Ive always stood by a one parent happy home is better than a toxic 2 parent home.

    Stay strong girl you got this xx

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