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    I’m on day 2 without them.

    im in absolute bits and missing them so much. I do not know what to do.

    back story.

    ex cheated on me, him and her and now together and have taken my children on a week long holiday. Ex has only had them one night at a time for the last year (his choice)


    the children didn’t want to go and ex has said I am not to contact them this week as it will upset them.

    my heart aches for them.

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    I couldn’t not reply to this. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. My little boy is 18 months so I’m yet to have experienced this and I dread the day, I imagine I’ll be as heartbroken as you are now.


    Take some time for yourself. Keep yourself busy and when or If you can’t, then let yourself feel what you feel. Its utter crap though.


    Sending love

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    Thank you so much for replying.

    I have tried to plan things with friends, who have been great. But I just want my babies home. Feeling very sorry for myself.

    once again, than you for taking the time to reply to me x

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    I can only imagine how you are feeling. It’s so so tough being the one that looks after them 99%  of the time and this is just left when  the kids got to their dads.

    We give our all to our children and then are left struggling when the kids are away. Friend of mine in relationships have no idea what it’s like. I hope your friends are  able to.be there for.you.


    Sending you lots of hugs. You sound like you are strong…after what you have been through…so you will get through it and you will be ok, even if it doesnt feel like that at the moment.

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    Nothing replaces the time spent with your kids, nothing. Mine only ever goes to soend time with his dad for the day and I never know what to do with myself.


    If all else fails there is always wine!


    But seriously you will get through it, us mama’s can get through anything hunni.

    Youre never alone x

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    My daughter is also away with her Dad for the week,  8 hours away,  eek.

    Last year was the first time and I was devastated,  beside myself with worry.  It does get easier and after 5 months of lockdown there was a teeny bit of me that thought ‘i need this break’.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m missing her every second but wahoooo its me time for 7 days,  I’m trying not to think,  I’m blocking it out or I’ll end up having a panic attack.  I’ve done baths,  wine,  chocolate,  painted nails,   more chocolate,  face masks,  more wine,  repeat,  repeat,  repeat.

    I guess you have to consider it a blessing that they do have a dad,  however much they’ve hurt us,  who takes them on holiday and wants a relationship with their child.

    Try and plan to keep yourself occupied,  magazunes,  films,  decorate a room.

    Its a tricky one re contact as My ex also said not to contact her but it made it worse when she came home,  she thought I hated her (shes autistic which made things tricky). This time,  i made the rule that she needs to call me twice.

    Be strong,  you can do this!!


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