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    I resolved to call my doctors today after feeling a bit naff for a few days, and just as I was about to phone them for an appointment, my GP phoned me to see how I was getting on with my medication for my anxiety and depression.

    I explained how I’d been feeling and that I was concerned I’d need a higher dosage when she said to me:

    You’ve had a significant family breakdown, you’ve taken full time care of your daughter, and made some very tough decisions which were the right decisions to make for the both of you. And not only that, you’ve done this all in the middle of a pandemic. You’ve made really good progress, so let’s keep you going. Don’t worry if you think we need to increase your dose. Let’s keep you on track and keep going.

    I think that really put into perspective for me just how much effort I’ve put in so far to giving a better life for me and my daughter. After how far her mother had gone off track, and how detrimental to our safety and security at home her behaviour had become, it’s no wonder I’m still struggling with my mental health.

    I joined a support group recently for others in my position, as well as joining this forum. I think I’m also going to give counselling a go, and see if that combined with increasing my dosage helps.

    Either way, today the words from my doctor were a reminder of how far I’ve come, and that for my daughter’s sake I will keep going.

    Please always speak to your GP or another healthcare professional if you’re struggling with your mental health.

    We’ve all come so far through this as single parents in the middle of a pandemic. Let’s keep going.

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    that is very motivating and inspiring. hope it works out well for you and your child.

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    Yes,thank you for sharing that.Messages like that really do help.

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