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    Staying strong

    Hello there. I’m new here. Trying to find my feet.

    Newly separated after finding out my husband had multiple affairs since having my daughter five years ago.

    I’m trying to keep my dignity and stay level headed but feeling like there’s a massive mountain to climb sorting out finances. Any tips gratefully received.


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    Liane 245

    No tips, but Hi back 👐👋

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    Welcome the forum ☺

    Don’t be surprised if you post something and the replies are a little slow, it’s not like fb, it’s nothing personal, sometimes you get loads of replies and other times not so much. Just keep posting and you’ll soon get chatting to people on a regular basis.

    Staying Strong, it’s cruel what your ex put you through but you will get through this. There are a couple of people here that have some really good suggestions regarding finances, if you read back through the threads you’ll find them. Perhaps it might be worth giving the gingerbread team a ring as they can signpost you if they can’t help themselves:


    All the best to you both


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    Just wanted to say hi, I have been separated almost 9 months & although he denied it strenuously there was an OW.

    Everything at the start feels overwhelming, try to make a list of income & expenses as this will come in useful down the line & claim any benefits you can (didn’t enjoy that bit, but needed every penny I could at the time).

    I was half pushed into selling the house quickly but it sort of suited me (tho my solicitor wasn’t happy) as the bills were big on my own & the memories hurt like hell. Stand your ground if it’s not what you want, there are ways round it sometimes, tho this is not always possible.

    I too tried to remain dignified & haven’t slated him to our children though there are times when I wish I had.. they are much older o can make their own minds up.

    Take care x

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    Take it slowly and remember to be kind to yourself.  You’ll be absolutely fine.

    Well done for staying calm. Concentrate on making sure you and your children are settled and ok. They will love you for it and will one day come to understand.

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    Thinking of you…I’m going through something similar but everyone tells me it will get better. We don’t want to waste our lives with husbands like this and I keep being reminded that this pain will pass but the pain of continuously discovering affairs and bad behaviour is never ending. Feel free to private message if you want someone to talk to.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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