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    I left my husband 2 years ago, we have 2 girls aged 5 and 9, we were sharing the time equally between both parents, but my 9 year old says I’ve ruined her life and doesnt want to stay at my house, every time I tell her off she asks to go to her dads she even tells him lies and says that I’ve been horrible to her. She told her school and social services that I tried to kill her, this has been going on for 2 years on and off I’ve given up and said to her dad that it maybe best that she stays with him only for the time being, she seems to hate me


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    was there a lot of conflict prior and after the break up, and did kids witness it? if so then can have damaging effect on them. they seem to have divided loyalties in this situation. anytime their unhappy with dad, they will go to mum, and vice versa.

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    I think sometimes the mum can get all the ‘difficult’ emotions coming at them as the child doesn’t know how else to express themselves. Maybe not so much that she hates you, you may actually be the safer parent to express the difficult emotions with. It’s really really hard on you tho. I’d just calmly let her know you’re there for her. Have you looked at any kind of play therapy as an option for your daughter. I’d say she’s got a lot going on and is struggling and nerds some extra support.

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    I have just taken my boys on full time and am having the same problem with my 8 year old he hate me I’ve ruined his life their mum wasent being a mum is all drugs alcohol it breaks my heart when he says the things he does have you got any advice he is speaking to a Counsellor at school many thanks



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