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    hey all,

    new here but thought I’d give it a try for some advice/kind words.

    I was dating baby’s dad for 3 months when I fell pregnant, was a complete surprise and completely unplanned. He was already in a very bad place and severely depressed, and took this really bad. He told me he didn’t want a baby as he’s in a bad place etc, I gave him and me space for about 3 months and contacted him again asking to speak when this time he was more angry and told me he wants nothing to do with me or baby.

    As my due date is approaching, I’m feeling more anxious about becoming a single parent. Thankfully I have a fantastic family supporting me but I can’t help thinking about my child. My baby has another family who don’t even know about this. I don’t want my baby having no father and feeling rejected. I only have a small family and there are no other children or baby’s in the family but the father has a 10 year old he doesn’t see, 2 nieces and a nephew and my baby is going to miss out on having cousins and aunties and uncles etc.

    I know realistically there is nothing I can do to make him be involved but I guess I’m really struggling to accept that he doesn’t want this baby.

    any advice much appreciated x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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