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    my ex recently got back with his ex. we had an argument last month and he said he doesnt want to talk until he sees me in court for custody. ive oretty much done the prefnancy on my own anyway even when we was together. but with 7 weeks to go is he really not gona check in to see if all is ok and if anything needs doing. i have done everything myself and the baby isnt going to need for anything but surely he doesnt think he can just call me after the 7 weeks to go to court. should i even let him know the babys born. he hasnt made any attemot of contact. is it my role to make contact after bby is born

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    As much as he doesn’t sound like a great guy and doesn’t deserve anything from you my advice would be to be the bigger person for the babies sake. You give everything you can for the baby but let him be in its life he will prove himself either way.

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    I agree with Ashlea, if it does go to court and you’ve kept it from him it might not look so good on you.

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