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    Hey all so me and my partner have split up about 2 weeks ago because we couldn’t agree on things and kept going round in circles and arguing all the time over things like house work and cooking etc and him showing involvement in my pregnancy.

    this is my first pregnancy and I never imagined it to be like this but it has turned out to be the worst thing I could imagine.

    without going into to much detail we lived together and I felt like he wasn’t pulling his weight so I asked him to help around the house and to take the rubbish out because I couldn’t lift it, or put his clothes away.. and it was just such a battle to get him to do things. In the end I left his clothes and he didn’t put them away for 3 weeks !! I am a organised tidy person and he is a laid back and do it later type of person.

    so we constantly battled then he told me that he can’t see a future with constant stress, I’ve explained that it’s just basic things I need him to do and I wouldn’t stress him out if he just did it but his reply was “I don’t jump when you tell me to”

    And when the baby is born he said he won’t be waking up to do things because he has work the next day which I understand but some help would be nice or am I being a ***** ?

    we just can’t seem to agree on things and it’s caused the break up, I’ve moved out to be around family whilst pregnant and to give us space but he’s told me if all it’s going to be is stress then it won’t work 🤷🏻‍♀️

    is this fair or am I just being to much ? Asking for too much ?

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    I think you are being completely reasonable and it’s not about what you ask him to support you with it’s about listening to you and working with you as a team to make life easier for both of you.

    Don’t doubt your decision, your arguments wouldn’t be present if he was there to listen and meet you in the middle.

    My partner left after 4 months of having our baby and although it was a shock and I had to come to terms with having to do everything on my own anyway, it was the best thing. As soon as I had got my head around it I felt free. Have no knowone around you to support kinda makes you accept you just do it all and most importantly your way. My baby & I are so much calmer and happier with no hostility around us and we can do life the way we want.

    Feel free to DM for any advise on emotional or practical support for what will be your amazing journey ahead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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