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    Hi All,

    I have a beautiful 5 Yr old girl. Her dad and I separated 4 years ago. He has since remarried and has a 1yr old with her.

    When we split i also had a number of other traumas and I became unwell, had a period of time off sick and during this time he bullied, manipulated and threatened court action if I did not agree 50/50 care. He then changed his agreement for child msintenence so pays nothing(which is fine, its more that he constantly moves the goal posts)

    We have a written agreement and are supposed to communicate about our little one, have a weekly video call and generally agreed to work together.

    However, he ignores any request from myself, undermines me, dos not encoyrage phone calls, won’t allow my child to have a photo of me in her room (despite having one of him here).

    She frequently says she doesn’t want to go back to his, is emotional when I drop her to school, and is finding all the tooing and fro ing really hard.

    I tried to go back to mediation but he refused.

    I want to go to court and get a Child Arrangement Order, and reduce his contact so that she is settled during the week. He would still be able to see her regularly but I think this would be in her best interests. Anyone had a similar experience?

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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