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    Hi All,

    Advice needed please.

    My child’s Father has threatened to apply to court for 50/50 shared care (week on week off/certain days). Child is 4y and we live 10 mins apart, currently do every other weekend Fri-Sun and every Tuesday or Thursday (total 4 nights out of 14).

    My issue is I do not like his parenting style. He won’t agree on bedtimes, doesn’t brush child’s teeth, doesn’t spend time with them and just leaves them in front of the TV, doesn’t feed them good food, doesn’t read to them/with them, doesn’t play games, he doesn’t keep the house clean, he drives too fast and texts while driving, he swears around child, he doesn’t soothe child when he hurts himself to ‘toughen him up’. He works really long hours so I know child will be ignored even more if he gets 50%. Currently he takes child to work with him after nursery/school (in a van working outside) as he is self employed and just leaves child in van while he works. He also doesn’t like paying maintenance so wants to stop paying (hence the 50%). I just don’t want my child exposed to that 50% of the time when I know he would be better cared for with me.

    Child’s Father also has no support at all. He doesn’t talk to any family. He literally has child alone for the weekend and doesn’t do anything at all. I feel like child would be better off with me playing with his cousins and grandparents.

    I understand child needs time with Father, that’s why we have the current arrangement. I just don’t want any more due to the differences in parenting.

    Will the court listen to my concerns or just award him 50%? Am I just being selfish?

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    Ls Dad

    You will need to take this to court ASAP as there is currently a status quo.

    Your ex doesn’t sound the best I would file a c100 form. How long has this been going on for?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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