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    Just need to get this out, I sometimes don’t know how things will turn out with my kids.

    my ex wife is an alcoholic who has mentally tortured my three kids, me, my family and our friends.

    she finally moved out of our family house two weeks ago, me and the kids were living at my mums since last year.

    For so long I dreamt of moving home with my children, it killed me that we were sleeping on the floor, no cupboards to hang clothes, and I couldn’t cook for them.

    Now we’ve moved hone, all I do is clean all day, there’s so much to do I’m behind at work.

    luckily I’m self employed, but still.

    The house needs so much work and I worry how kids will turn out, will they become addicts like their mum?

    I’m just so tired all the time, I just want to sleep and watch tv






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    Hi Packard,

    It sounds like you have all been through a lot and the toxic relationship may be over but the cleaning up process may take some time (not just the house but airing your thought and feelings).  Have you thought about asking family or friends and your children to help with the clean up of the house?

    Also may help for you to talk to someone about support and help with moving forwards (I have to do the same myself as my situation is not amicable).

    I hope things improve for you and everyone else that is facing difficult times in this group, however I’m sure in time they will improve for us all in time with good days and bad inbetween.


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    My father was an alcoholic;  wife beater and had loads of women on the go. He was a good father, had a good job  but he was a nasty piece of work . He provided for us but he tortured my beautiful mother and tried to break her .  None of my siblings are alcoholics; wife beater  and rarely drink and we are all parents and have  children .once the children  are removed from that toxic environment they will be happy and thrive.  Good riddance to rubbish is my motto . Good luck xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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