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    Liane 245

    Well, good morning gingerbreaders. I hope your all well.

    What has lockdown taught you, if anything??

    I’ve learnt that same old invaluable lesson; ‘LIFES A B!TC*’

    Before lockdown things with me and mr plenty of fish had not only gone stale but found a steady resuss line. I was sure we’d finished.

    Picking myself up I bought tickets to a celebratory gatheting my pal in Buckinghamshire had organised and also tickets to ‘singles social’ events in central London.

    That was it.

    In my mind and in my intention we were over.  I was ready to run the gauntlet again 😅🙂

    Then about a week maybe 2 into lockdown  after all my events had been cancelled I got a casual ‘Hi’ ping on my WhatsApp. Mmmmmm i thought, but it was the start of lockdown.

    I foolishly started chatting again.

    It was ok, then a new phone the 4th maybe even 5th phone in the space of 2 years. Now the contract on my phone finishes this year i by no way or means have the money to be forking out for 2 phones every year????

    As lockdown progressed everyone got into zoom meetings. I myself ventured into Tik Tok, Smule and Thug life for personal entertainment. I joined and followed various groups always adhering to the social distancing.

    Then we met up.

    Result, nice. Again?????

    So i have this weekend off work.

    He was supposed to come over last night. No.

    We were going to go over some fishing lakes today??

    My dads tomorrow and monday chilling before back to work; a nice weekend planned.

    I’m so angry with myself I can’t even begin to say.

    4 phones in 2 years now this man has either got anger issues, gambling issues or has some form of identity crisis.



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    You are not stupid ! We would like people to be like us, decent and honest! At this stage and from someone who I chatted to online (thankfully didn’t meet) I would not even think about wasting your time and energy .

    Mine  was love  bombing.   good job I’m ok in my head . I just let the charade play on because this one was a fruit bar !! eventually I blocked him as I said on the phone I’m chatting to someone in Nigeria and you will be asking for money next . Anyway it cancelled 3 ,dates . What a relief i tell you !!

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    I think most people treat online dating like any other gaming app on their phones. There are so many terms used in online dating like ‘ghosting’ or ‘love bombing’

    There was a time when people met up either at the pub or work and that was that 😂

    I can’t be bothered personally. I am a living breathing b*****d magnet.

    You read about these ladies who live past 100 years old? What do they have in common? Either they have never married or been widowed for donkeys years. I want to be one of those self-sufficient older women.

    I have a long way off yet though 😀

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    I was seeing someone coincidentally from POF i met him over a year ago, we were seeing each other from May until November when he suddenly started being strange and then finished with me, i later found out he was still on pof and arranging to see other people the majority of the time i thought we were together.  We started talking again in December while he was still seeing the woman he chucked me for and from January  after he chucked her we had been meeting 1 or twice a week since and it has been amazing until last week when he started being funny with me again presumably he’s got someone else again, so i told him i wasn’t going to go through this shit again and i told him i didn’t want to see him anymore.  I still really like him but i keep telling myself I’ve done the right thing as he will never change.

    I think at the ripe old age of 44 i will give up on men and take up knitting 😂


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    The person who I was chatting to seemed so normsl. I realized he was am alcoholic and probably a druggie too. Anyway I joined for confidence and to stop thinking of my ex.   Still plodding along and I put my Ch of first. Am still working and we have a lovelly home that I have worked hard for. I have also received a marriage proposal from a.dear friend who is clearly lonely and adores my child but I’ve declined the offer !!


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    Liane 245

    It’ll be lovely when all the Gingerbread Groups start meeting up again. We can re kindle our passions for like minded people in a same or similar boat.

    A bit of face to face understanding

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    Gosh, don’t want to even think of starting over. Ever. After 14 years of disappointment i am sure as hell Golden Girls’ model speaks better to me than being in relationship with the man 😉 Is there an app for that ? :))

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